Countries with most population for the years 1950, 2000, 2013, 2050 and 2100

rankcountry1950 country2000 country2013  country2050   country 2100   rank
00 World 2,526   World 6,128   World 7,162   World 9,551   World 10,854   00
01China544 China1280 China1386 India1620 India1547 01
02India376 India1042 India1252 China1385 China1086 02
03USA158 USA285 USA320 Nigeria440 Nigeria914 03
04Russian Federation103 Indonesia209 Indonesia250 USA401 USA462 04
05Japan82 Brazil175 Brazil200 Indonesia321 Indonesia315 05
06Indonesia73 Russian Federation147 Pakistan182 Pakistan271 Tanzania276 06
07Germany70 Pakistan144 Nigeria174 Brazil231 Pakistan263 07
08Brazil54 Bangladesh132 Bangladesh157 Bangladesh202 Congo, DR262 08
09United Kingdom51 Japan126 Russian Federation143 Ethiopia188 Ethiopia243 09
10Italy46 Nigeria123 Japan127 Philippines157 Uganda205 10
11France42 Mexico104 Mexico122 Mexico156 Niger204 11
12Bangladesh38 Germany84 Philippines98 Congo, DR155 Brazil195 12
13Nigeria38 Viet Nam81 Ethiopia94 Tanzania129 Philippines188 13
14Pakistan38 Philippines78 Viet Nam92 Egypt122 Bangladesh182 14
15Ukraine37 Egypt66 Germany83 Russian Federation121 Kenya160 15
16Mexico28 Ethiopia66 Egypt82 Japan108 Mexico140 16
17Spain28 Iran66 Iran77 Uganda104 Egypt135 17
18Viet Nam25 Turkey63 Turkey75 Viet Nam104 Zambia124 18
19Poland25 Thailand62 Congo, DR68 Iran101 Sudan116 19
20Egypt22 France59 Thailand67 Kenya97 Mozambique112 20
21Turkey21 United Kingdom59 France64 Turkey95 Iraq106 21
22Thailand21 Italy57 United Kingdom63 Sudan77 Madagascar105 22
23Korea, Republic of19 Ukraine49 Italy61 France73 Russian Federation102 23
24Philippines19 Myanmar48 Myanmar53 United Kingdom73 Mali101 24
25Ethiopia18 Congo, DR47 South Africa53 Germany73 Angola97 25
26Myanmar18 Korea, Republic of46 Korea, Republic of49 Iraq71 Iran94 26
27Argentina17 South Africa45 Tanzania49 Niger69 Turkey86 27
28Iran17 Spain40 Colombia48 South Africa63 Malawi85 28
29Romania16 Colombia40 Spain47 Colombia63 Japan84 29
30Canada14 Poland38 Ukraine45 Thailand62 Cameroon82 30
Note: All population data in millions ( x 1,000,000).
Source: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2013). World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision.
Data are estimates and projections according to a medium-fertility variant.