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These pages are maintained solely by me, Johan van der Heyden. If you wish to contact me, you can write an e-mail to info@xist.org. (Note: include a sensible 'Subject', as otherwise it is automatically transferred to the spambin!)
If you have some information that is currently not included or out of date, I welcome the data (be it in a spreadsheet, database, text-file, html-file, etc.). Please don't forget to mention the source of the data, as I try to attribute as much info to its source as possible.

Also, if one spots errors, I'd welcome a message, so I can remove the errors.

This site is my hobby, started around 1996. Data can be used freely (no guarantees for their accuracy are given, as this usually depends on the source of the data) for non-commercial use. Sponsors are welcome, to extend the resources of this site