Decennial Population

year population est.
1950 5,733,944
1960 7,527,450
1970 10,232,758
1980 14,418,063
1990 20,008,804
2000 28,079,664
2010 36,114,885
2020 45,308,399
2025 50,740,339
2050 80,283,809
2075 108,002,187
2100 127,327,524
source: UN - WPP 2015 Revision (medium).

General Information

Official name Republic of the Sudan
Capital Khartoum
Region Northern Africa
ISO code SD
Statistical agency Central Bureau of Statistics

Administrative units

state/wilayahnative nameadministrative center [native name]area in
Al Gedarif State (Qadarif)القضارفولاية Al Qadarif [القضارف]75,2631,348,378
Al Gezira State (Jazirah)الجزيرةولاية Wad Madani [ود مدني]23,3733,575,280
Blue Nile Stateالنيل الأزرقولاية ad-Damazin [الدمازين]45,844832,112
Kassala Stateكسلاولاية Kassala [كسلا]36,7101,789,806
Khartoum Stateالخرطومولاية Al Khartum [الخرطوم]22,1425,274,321
North Darfur Stateشمال دارفورولاية Al-Fashir [الفاشر]296,4202,113,626
North Kordofan Stateشمال كردفانولاية Al-Obeid [الأبيض]221,9002,920,992
Northern Stateالشماليةولاية Dongola [دنقلا]348,697699,065
Red Sea Stateالبحر الأحمرولاية Bur Sudan [بورتسودان]218,8871,396,110
River Nile Stateنهر النيلولاية Al-Damar [الدامر]122,1231,120,441
Sinnar Stateسنارولاية Sinnar [سنار]37,8441,285,058
South Darfur Stateجنوب دارفورولاية Nyala [نيالا]127,3004,093,594
South Kordofan Stateجنوب كردفانولاية Kadugli [كادقلي]158,3551,406,404
West Darfur Stateغرب دارفورولاية Al Geneina [الجنينة]79,4601,308,225
White Nile Stateالنيل الأبيضولاية Rabak [ربك]30,4111,730,588
total  1,844,72930,894,000
source: Central Bureau of Statistics, Sudan. The provisional 2008 census data is contested in some parts of Sudan.
source: area data is from various sources and names from third level can differ from second level due to these various sources.
note: Bahr al Ahmar = Red Sea; Janub Darfur = South Darfur; Janub Kurdufan = South Kordofan; Khartum = Khartoum; Nahr al Nil = River Nile; Nil al Abyad = White Nile; Nil al Azraq = Blue Nile; Shamal Kurdufan = North Kordofan; Shamaliyah = Northern.
note: Gharb = West; Shamal(iyah) = North; Janub = South; Sharq = East.
note: Southern Sudan became independent on July 9, 2011 from the rest of Sudan.
note: Abyei county, supposedly in Southern Sudan, is controlled by Sudan.

Main cities

namenative namepopulation
Khartoum Northالخرطوم بحري700,887
Port Sudanبورتسودان308,195
Al Ubayyiḑالأبيض229,425
Al Gaziraالجزيرة211,362
Al Gedarefالقضارف191,164
Al Fashirالفاشر141,884
source: United Nations Statistics Division.