Saint Kitts and Nevis

Census Results

1960-04-07 56,693
1970-04-07 44,884
1980-05-12 43,309
1991-05-12 40,618
2001-05-14 45,841

General Information

Official name Saint Kitts and Nevis
Official name [native] Saint Kitts and Nevis «English»
Capital Basseterre
Capital [native] Basseterre «English»
Region the Caribbean
ISO code KN
Statistical agency Statistical Office, Ministry of Finance

Name in Chinese 圣基茨和尼维斯
Name in Arabic سانت كيتس ونيفس
Name in Spanish Saint Kitts y Nevis
Name in Russian Сент-Китс и Невис
Name in French Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis

Administrative units

capitalarea (
census (prelim.)
Nevis 92.511,181
Saint George GingerlandGingerland18.52,568
Saint James WindwardNewcastle31.11,836
Saint John FigtreeFig Tree21.32,922
Saint Paul CharlestownCharlestown3.51,820
Saint Thomas LowlandCotton Ground18.12,035
Saint Kitts 174.234,930
Christ Church Nichola TownMansion18.62,059
Saint Anne Sandy PointSandy Point12.83,140
Saint George BasseterreBasseterre28.713,220
Saint John CapisterreSadlers24.83,181
Saint Mary CayonCayon15.13,374
Saint Paul CapisterreSaint Paul's13.82,460
Saint Peter BasseterreMonkey Hill Village20.73,472
Saint Thomas Middle IslandMiddle Island24.32,332
Trinity Palmetto PointBoyd's15.41,692
total 266.746,111
source: The Statistics Division of the Planning Unit of the Ministry of Finance.
note: The division into Saint Kitts and into Nevis is just to clearify the location of the parishes (also see map), the two islands are not an official administrative division.