Palestine, State of

Census Results

1967-09-14 1,051,459
1997-12-10 2,895,683
2007-12-01 3,761,646

General Information

Official name the State of Palestine
Official name [native] دولة فلسطين [Dawlat Filasţīn] «Arabic»
Capital Ramallah
Capital [native] رام الله [Ramallah] «Arabic»
Region Western Asia
ISO code PS
Statistical agency Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics

Name in Chinese 巴勒斯坦国
Name in Arabic دولة فلسطين
Name in Spanish Estado de Palestina
Name in Russian Государство Палестина
Name in French l’État de Palestine

Administrative units

administrative unitsnative namecapital [native name]area (
Gaza Stripقطاع غزة 3651,022,2071,416,539
Deir el Balah, governorateدير البلح 58147,877205,534
Gaza, governorateغزة 74367,388496,410
Khan Yunis, governorateخانيونس 108200,704270,979
North Gaza, governorateشمال غزة 61183,373270,245
Rafah, governorateرفح 64122,865173,371
West Bankالضفة الغربية 5,6551,873,4762,345,107
Bethlehem, governorateبيت لحم 659137,286176,515
Hebron, governorateالخليل 997405,664551,129
Jenin, governorateجنين 583203,026256,212
Jericho & Al Aghwar, governorateاريحا والأغوار 59332,71341,724
Jerusalem, governorateالقدس 345328,601362,521
Nablus, governorateنابلس 605261,340321,493
Qalqilya, governorateقلقيلية 16672,00791,046
Ramallah & Al Bireh, governorateرام الله والبيرة 855213,582278,018
Salfit Districtسلفيت 20448,53859,464
Tubas Districtطوباس 40236,60948,771
Tulkarm, governorateطولكرم 246134,110158,213
total  6,0202,895,6833,761,646
source: Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.
note: Census 2007 data are preliminary results.
note: The numbers for Jerusalem are based on the projected number of population in those parts of Jerusalem which were annexed in 1967 by Israel. (Note: the word annexed is used by the PCBS, it should not be taken as political statement by this site.)

Main cities

namenative namepopulation
Ramallahرام الله48,000
source: World Urbanization Prospects: The 2001 Revision, United Nations.