General Information

Official name the Bailiwick of Guernsey
Capital Saint Peter Port
Region Northern Europe
ISO code GG
Statistical agency Policy and Research Unit

Administrative units

parishadministrative centerarea in
Castel 10.28,922
Forest 4.11,423
St. Andrew 4.52,342
St. Martin 7.36,082
St. Peter Port 6.416,194
St. Pierre du Bois 6.22,151
St. Sampson 6.38,540
St. Saviour 6.42,469
Torteval 3.1954
Vale 8.99,504
Herm and Jethou 1.5100
total 64.958,681
source: Guernsey Government.
note: Alderney and Sark are dependencies. Sark (incl. Brecqhou)(5.2 counted 591 persons in 2001 and Alderney (7.9 2294.
note: Saint Pierre du Bois aka St. Peter.